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We All Have That Friend That Does WAY Too Much. Carpool Karaoke - For Better Or Worse

Do you have that friend that seems to be on uppers when it comes to carpool karaoke?

Ok, admit it.  It's actually you, isn't it?

I will have to be honest and say there have been many car rides to Key West or Orlando that it has been me.  I'll slap on the sequined glove and break glass and ear drums with the rest of and best of them. 

Trey Kennedy brings all of that to a frothy enjoyable boil in his compilation video. The first two are pretty good, but the Stevie one had me in stitches.


Thanks Trey Kennedy for the humor as well as setting the bar a little higher for my own carpool karaoke performances.  I need to get some more props!

When I do travel with friends, I will tell them that there cannot be any bad singers in the car.  A bad singer is someone who doesn't sing.  No matter how bad or tone deaf you are, you'll be singing in my car right along with me, the music, and my soon to be props.