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We Learn About The "Pajama Party Position" on Will & Grace

Only three episodes into the reboot of Will & Grace and we have already learned some fantastic new lingo that will definitely be used at someone's upcoming gay bar experience.

Another one we can add to the list is the "Pajama Party Position", which Jack hilariously showcases to Grace in a sneak peak of the new episode.



Grace likes a cabinet maker she wants to use, but doesn't know that he's evidently gay.  Will says that when this guy got home, he was in the "pajama party position".  Grace is confused.  Jack demonstrates.  Tada.

The new episode of Will & Grace premieres this Thursday at 9:00 PM EST on NBC. 




I don't watch tat series, but that clip only reinforces the stereotype and misconception that gay men either want to be women or that we are confused about our gender. Not progressive but backwards attempt to make fun of gay men.

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