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Website Clarifies Where Various Churches Stand on Homosexuality

If you are someone who is gay friendly or not so much, wouldn't it be better to know beforehand how the church you are about to walk into feels about homosexuality?

A new website is claiming to help in that process, regardless of how you feel, as they aim to settle questions so that anyone who visits any specific church down the road isn't surprised with the result.

The website in question is called Church Clarity, and although their mission in the progressive Christian movement might seem to want to weed out the anti-LGBT churches, it is far from the case.  What is their goal out of this?  To give the public as much information about each church that they try to keep quiet.

Basically, it's about honesty. Questions like, "Where do Christian churches stand on “policies regarding LGBTQ people”? "And how clear do they make those positions on their websites?"

What is the true goal of the website?  To eliminate a church culture where “ambiguity is acceptable, where accountability is rare and where pastors are able to conceal the policies that they actively enforce.”  In other words, keep it 100 percent real with who walks into your particular church.

The website doesn't make a church feel bad about being anti-gay, or if they haven't openly decided to deal with the issue.  Where Church Clarity comes into play is where they mark ones with an an eye-popping red box that attempt to hide their positions.  

Religion News Services Jonathan Merritt had this to say about the website and its mission: "You can expect that many pastors will find themselves on the hot seat in the coming days thanks to Church Clarity’s efforts. And this is exactly what CC’s leaders hope will happen.

What are your thoughts on this type of website?