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Wendy Davis: LGBT Community Needs Workplace Protections In Texas

Texas state Senator Wendy Davis gained national attention this year when she literally stood up to prevent restrictive abortion and women's health measures from being passed in the state.

Now Davis, who recently announced her Texas gubernatorial candidacy is speaking out with her support the LGBT community and her hopes that Texas will adopt a non-discrimination policy that is similar to that recently passed in San Antonio. 

The Texas Tribune writes: 

The San Antonio ordinance, which went into effect immediately after it was passed last month, prevents local businesses from discriminating against lesbian, bisexual, gay and transgender residents. It also prevents public officials from discriminating against LGBT people in their professional duties and protects city employees from being fired because of their sexual orientation or gender identity. Those who are awarded city contracts are prohibited from discriminating against LGBT people.

“I hope that it becomes something that is commonplace,” Davis said. “I look forward to a Texas where we see that in every city in the state.” Later, speaking to reporters, Davis said it’s “important that people be treated equally in the workplace, plain and simple.”

It looks like we're getting even more reason to stand with Wendy! 

FYI, Davis's potential opponent, Republican Attorney General Greg Abbott has refused to come out in support of the LGBT protections legislation.


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Of course Abbott won't state his position. He'll come out against it later when he needs that 'extra push' from the Tea Party. Sad, sad, sad...

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