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Wendy Williams Says That Being Called Transgender Has Empowered Her

Wendy Williams' lack of acumen navigating trans issues has left me and many others rubbed the wrong way (though she does have her supporters). However, Wendy admits that she's personally been subjected to transphobic slurs, and that being called a man in a wig has only made her stronger. 

“People do think I was born a man. That is absolutely not [true] but I get it. I’ve got a strong face, a strong body, I’m 5’11. I wear wigs,” Wendy told ABC News. “There’s no worse way to insult a woman than by saying she looks like a man, but once a woman gets over that, there is no stronger woman.”

What do you think of Wendy's heart-to-heart?

ABC News | ABC Sports News


She still looks like a bloke. An ugly one at that

How you doing..

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