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West Hollywood "Celebrity" Skin Care Owner Accused Of Hiring Hitman To Kill Gay Rival

Who knew the skin care business was so cutthroat? 

Dawn DaLuise, 55, appeared in court this week after being arrested in March on "soliciting murder" charges. DaLuise, owner of Skin Refinery in West Hollywood, allegedly attempted to hire a white supremicist group to take out a new competitor in her building who is a "double minority, Mexican gay" as a sheriff pointed out. 

The local CBS affiliate has more:

Clad in a blue jail jumpsuit, DaLuise smiled as she walked into the courtroom, where a Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department detective later testified about the defendant’s plan to have Gabriel Suarez killed.

Detective Steven McCauley testified that he interviewed several men that DaLuise had allegedly contacted in attempt to hire someone to kill Suarez, who had opened a salon called Smooth Cheeks.

“In one instance … she asked him if he could get her in contact with a white supremacist group, and the phrase from that point was, in essence, to find somebody to take out a ‘double minority, Mexican gay,’” McCauley said.

DaLuise tried to make it appear that Suarez had been stalking her online, the prosecutor said. She had contacted authorities with complaints about her competitor, providing investigators with a list of witnesses who purportedly knew about the alleged cyberstalking.

Several of those witnesses told investigators that DaLuise had asked them to lie to police about Suarez.

Suarez, who was outside the courthouse during the hearing, told reporters, “It’s just really scary. The hate that this person could have toward somebody."

DaLuise faces nearly a decade in prison if convicted of the charges. 




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If this is the same Gabriel that I think it is then I ran into him at the gym last week. This is ^%(^&% CRAZY!!!

im sure

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