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West Hollywood Store Uses Gay Jewish Holocaust Mannequin To Protest Russia

Well they've certainly gotten our attention. 

West Hollywood, California underwear, swimwear, and activewear retailer LA Jock is making a statement with a mannequin that they've posted in their store's window display. 

Take a look: ​The mannequin wears what appears to be a uniform similar to that worn during the Holocaust as well as the pink triangle which was used to distinguish homosexuals in concentration camps. This is accompanied by the Jewish star and number. 

LA Jock's Israeli owner Nir Ziberman, who describes himself as gay and Jewish, explains the intent behind the controversial mannequin:

'Gay, Jews, black, all people died from 1933 - 1945 for no reason but their color, gender, race,' Mr Ziberman, whose great grandparents were killed in the Holocaust, wrote on his Facebook page.

'What's happening in Russia is exactly what happened when Hitler decided to kill Jews, gays, and everyone else,' he elaborated to Racked's Chavie Lieber.

'One sad thing in America is that people need to wake up to reality and can't hide. This isn't supposed to be offensive, this is part of our history, and it sends a very clear message to stop the hate.'

Mr Ziberman said he is simply speaking 'as the voice for those that don't have a voice,' and he believes his window display is the most effective way to facilitate that.

Bora, the store manager for LA Jock continues:

'[The mannequin is] for shock value to get people's attention. It's more emotional and more touchy, to demonstrate the terrible things are happening in Russia.'

The mannequin went up ahead of the planned Feb. 6 LGBT rally  in Los Angeles in which the LGBT community will speak out on human rights and protest Russia's anti-gay legislation. The rally is scheduled for 8 p.m. on Santa Monica Blvd. in West Hollywood.

What do you think of LA Jock's use of the mannequin, Instincters? Is it sending the message that the owner intends?


(H/T: Daily Mail via Racked)

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