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West Hollywood Votes To Incorporate Rainbow Colors Into Official City Flag

On Monday night the City Council of West Hollywood, California voted unanimously to incorporate rainbow colors into a new official city flag, thereby affirming the city's history and continued support and affiliation with the LGBT community. 

This decision is considered a compromise following the debate over whether an LGBT rainbow flag should fly over City Hall alongside the official United States, California, and City of West Hollywood flags. 

Wehoville reports:

This new city flag will have a white background and a rainbow-colored logo in tiny square blocks representing the shape of the city. It will replace the current city flags with a blue background and white blocks flying throughout the city.

“I’m so happy; the rainbow will now fly all over the city as part of the city flag,” said resident Larry Block, who has been pushing to get the full rainbow flag back flying over the City Hall building ever since it was removed on Jan 8. “This is a big win for the LGBT community.”

This new rainbow-inclusive city flag (with the logo pictured above) will fly on top of City Hall upon its completion.

Thoughts on the decision, Instincters?



I had suggested that on Facebook --- not saying I was the only one, it's the obvious choice.

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