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Westboro Tweets Plans To Protest Cory Monteith's Funeral

Calling him a "fag-enabling sinner," the Westboro Baptist Church has announced it will protest Glee star Cory Monteith's upcoming funeral. 

"PRAISE GOD ALMIGHTY for killing Cory Moteith -- a wicked fag-enabling sinner! Westboro Baptist Church to picket funeral," reads a tweet posted on the hate group's Twitter page. 

Surprising move by WBC, right? Wrong. 




I'm myself a church go-er, married and have kids. But yet i resent the Westboro Baptist Church comment one someone's death, no matter whose it is. In the bible it was said that men are made for women, but it never said God didn't created men to be with men. Also, the bible condemned the act of sodomy, which is basically an anal rape done by men to other men. The condemned point is the rape, not because it was done between men.

On the other hand, this church feels happy over someone's death and his family loss. Whose the sinful here? God always teach to love even thy enemy, forgive them. May God have mercy on you people. RIP Cory Monteith

awful to say such a thing God did not kill Cory Monteith for supporting gays if that was the case all gay supporters would be dead he killed his self maybe he was harassed about being a gay supporter that lead him to that hotel that night so he could kill himself Gays are Gays thats their ways just stay out of everyone business god said you should love everyone just the same no matter their back ground i dont support gay marriages but i dont have a problem with gays what goes on in their life's is none of my bussiness i may have not known Cory as a person but i knew him on glee and i know he's a very good person he loved his family friends girlfriend and fan im one of his fans i will miss him dearly because glee will not be the same without him as a fan i've took this tragedy pretty hard even if i didnt know him personally lea i just wanted to say im very sorry for your loss i couldnt imagine what your going through and you and Cory made a beautiful couple i hope you make it through this devastating time even if i didnt know yall personally as yalls fans i love yall and will miss Cory forever RIP Cory Monteith Love Candy

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