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We've GOT It! 'The Comeback' Is Making Its Return!!

We've GOT it!! 

Kenneth In The 212 is exclusively reporting that The Comeback starring Lisa Kudrow is making its own six-episode comeback on HBO!!

Citing a source out of HBO's Manhattan, NYC office, Kenneth writes:

"The Comeback " is coming back! Lisa Kudrow's shortlived but much-loved series will receive a six-episode reboot -- "Revisiting 'The Comeback' 10 Years Later" -- and will feature all of the main characters, including Malin Ackerman, Mickey, Kellan Lutz (remember?), Paulie G., etc. 

We initially started praying to our Valerie Cherish shrine back in March when the rumors officially started! 

Are you excited for a reunion with Valerie, Instincters?? Do you want to see that?!! 


For an HO show that is a full season

i want a full season!

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