We've Got The Love, Simon Actors In Their Hottest Nude Roles To Date


Well you don't Simon say. The teen coming-of-age-tale Love, Simon is the latest movie to bring a gay storyline to mainstream cinemas, and is being hailed as a sort of gay John Hughes movie that we always knew we needed. Nick Robinson takes the helm as Simon - a high school boy coming to terms with the fact that he likes boys.

Through a messaging website Simon forms a friendship with an anonymous schoolmate - fostering Simon's self-discovery and eventually leading to an iconic and adorable ending. I saw this in the theater with my husband who has the emotional range of a Furby, and I swear, he actually cried. Or as he said "I didn't cry, I just shed a tear." Sure Jan. 



ANYWAY. Did someone say hot nude actors? There's literally nothing gayer in this world than naked men, and many of the leading lads in Love, Simon were prepping for the flick without even knowing it in their previous roles! The twenty-three-year-old Robinson went majorly nude in Being Charlie while his on-screen Daddy with a capital D Josh Duhamel bared his insanely flawless buns in Spaceman. You'll even recognize the endearing and classy Martin (Logan Miller) from Love, Simon in one of these nude scenes. Check them out below!

Head HERE (site NSFW) for the nude scenes