What Anti-Gay Boycott? 'Beauty & The Beast' Smashes Box Office Records

We guess that much discussed "gay moment" didn't have a negative effect on Beauty and the Beast!

Though some homophobes were calling for a boycott of the live-action Disney film, it appears interest in the film far outweighed the impact of closed minded bigots--to the tune of a smash $170 opening weekend!

Variety reports:

Beauty and the Beast,” the studio’s latest live-action update of a cartoon classic, waltzed its way to a towering $170 million debut this weekend, setting a new record for a March opening and solidifying the Mouse House’s status as the dominant player in the film business. No other company can match the streak that Disney is currently enjoying, thanks to a series of multi-billion acquisitions that put the likes of Pixar, Marvel, and Lucasfilm in its Magic Kingdom. Last year, the studio accounted for more than a quarter of all domestic ticket sales, and 2017 brings the release of sequels to “Guardians of the Galaxy,” “Cars,” and “Thor,” in addition to “Beauty and the Beast.”

Congrats, Beauty!



Wow - I guess the "One Million Moms",(maybe the new name should be  "Ten Bigoted Moms")

calls for boycott was not effective :)

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