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What Are The Greatest Female Duets of all Time?

2018 is bringing us something we haven't seen in many, many years: the return of the all-powerful female duet.

We already have the release of Christina Aguilera & Demi Lovato's duet "Fall in Line", which they debuted at the 2018 Billboard Music Awards back in May, as well as Nicki Minaj & Ariana Grande teaming up all over again on the pop singers upcoming album Sweetener

Although they don't happen that much, female duets are a vital part of our music history as many of them have become instant classics, chart toppers and songs that we still listen to this day. Let's run down what is arguably the five best female duets of all time (in order). Do you agree with the list?



5. Salt-N-Pepa & En Vogue: "Whatta Man" 

These two amazing groups from the 90's came together as one to literally do a song about how great the men are in their lives. What's even better is that they joined forces once again back in May to perform the classic track at the 2018 Billboard Music Awards, 25 years after the original recording was released. 



4. Lady Gaga & Beyonce: "Telephone"

Gaga was just starting to become the legend that she is today, and Beyonce was at such a high point in her career that the two of them working on this track together at that point almost seemed too good to be true. The original version with just Gaga is great, however Beyonce adds something truly remarkable to it that makes their version that much better. Don't forget about their other saucy duet that they did together: the criminally underrated "Video Phone". 



3. Eve & Gwen Stefani: "Let Me Blow Ya Mind"

Such a fun pairing with these two. Gwen was just starting her solo career around this point after a decade or so of success with No Doubt, and Eve was becoming one of the biggest female emcees of the game when they came together for this super fun duet that earned the two Best Female Video at the 2002 MTV Video Music Awards. 



2. Brandy & Monica: "The Boy is Mine"

Whoever the brainchild was that put these two R&B singers, who were at the height of their careers when this song came out, together was an absolute genius. The lyricism in the song is quite remarkable, as both singers tell their sides of the story when it comes to dating the same man. The video just makes it that much better when they come together in the end and dump the man in question, played by Mekhi Phifer. 



1. Barbra Streisand & Donna Summer: No More Tears (Enough is Enough)" 

Two of the most iconic female singers of all time came together for this irresistible 1979 duet that shot to number one on the Billboard Hot 100. What's incredible is that they NEVER did a live performance of the song in concert, so we should all be lucky enough that they at least did the recording that still sounds just as good today as it did forty years ago. 

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Annie Lennox & Aretha Franklin - Sisters are Doing it for Themselves. 

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