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This Is What Happens When Bearded Men Shave

After being awoken from our peaceful slumber by an earthquake this morning, this made us smile. (We're thinking green beer may be in order to take the rest of the edge off!) 

This is what happens every time a bearded guy shaves:



(H/T: Tastefully Offensive)



I for one hate having facial hair. I always say I'll grow it out and see. Then I wind up shaving it off. I'll keep a beard for maybe two weeks then I'm done. While some guys look good with scruff I prefer a clean shaven guy.

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Growing a well groomed beard has become the trend in New York fashion circles. As with many trends, particularly with men, it always starts with gay fashion people, and is quickly followed by the male "straight" population. It is just like clothing trends. Remember, crew cuts and short hair for men? Straight men copied that too, as they did long hair in the 1970's. The problem for me, is that many men are clueless about fashion, trends or style (gay and straight) and see it on someone else, and copy it, without realizing that it may not look good or flattering on themselves. Crew cuts work on younger guys most of the time-but not always. The style arrived when the fashionistas  copied the short haircut from the young military men. It was young, fresh, masculine and hot on them, particularly on hard muscular physiques. They have the faces and bodies for that. Then older gay guys copied, along with straight older guys, and it sometimes looks ridiculous. Unfortunately, many men just follow the trends, whether they look good in it or not. One needs to be individualistic, and know what looks good on themselves. It is the same with the beard situation. It gets so copied and over-done, that it begins to ruin the original fashion intent. The majority of the population is followers, not originals and style icons. Just my opinion.


The beard trend started when the recession hit - this has happened before in history, like we adapt to our financial means - but this too, like every other trend, will pass...

I love scruff on a guy. I just wish i was able to grow facial hair. Mine doesn't grow fully and evenly it sucks. So I'll always look younger than I am.

I think guys with beards are super hot! I have a beard and when i shave it i feel and look younger. I dont like looking younger. Lol!

fucking fag!!

Normal guy, by that comment you exactly show how ABnormal you are. Get a life and let people be.

Normal guy, why do you act like an inbred, douche nozzle?

I always look 10 years younger without a beard. The reverse is true when I do have one. Always look 10 years younger

God- what is everyone gaying about now?

"Hey everyone my opinion is right and yours is wrong."

People need to chill the fuck out. Someone having or not having a beard in no way, shape, or form affects the lives of those of you whom are bitching about this. 

Hey just be you and fuck everybody else

Men with a nice hair stub is soooooo hot

Sorry but if I wanted to put my dick in a pink opening surrounded by hair I'd be a breeder.

I think guys who have a nice trimmed shaped beard look handsome :-)

i don't care what people do or do not do with their bodies. because its none of my god damned business, thats why

I think it's erotic. ESP on straight boys :-)

With few exceptions, the only men who seem to complain about beards are those who can't grow one. The jealousy is palpable.

I don't know how or when this whole messy beard trend began, but I personally think it must end. Growing a dirty, smelly, scratchy beard does not make you seem more "masculine". It just makes you look messy, lazy, and unkept. The opposite of sexy. Please shave your faces.

agreed, not into beards and long facial hair. Love a mans freshly shaven face.

No, not 'basically'. I'm not knocking on men who choose to have facial hair but having a clean shaven face does not necessarily make you into a 'child'. There are plenty of us men who are clean shaven and like other clean shaven men. 

Easy there, killer...

As a bearded guy who shaves occasionally for theater, this is an accurate portrayal of our feelings. It's not saying not having a beard makes you a child. It's saying that those of us used to seeing scruff on our chins feel like we look twelve whenever it goes away. 

Woah, gary. calm down dude

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