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This Is What Honey Maid Has To Say To Homophobic Haters Of Its Gay Dads Commercial

The homophobes didn't take long to come out of the woodwork last month when Honey Maid celebrated gay dads in their new "This Is Wholesome" commercial. The comments were harsh, but the graham cracker brand has handled them beautifully and released a new video showing anti-gay bigots what they can do with their hate. (See the original commercial here.)

We're suddenly craving graham crackers. What about you?




I am straight, this does not make me a hater of nor a basher of gays. I do not care about anyone's sexual preference, however, do not subject me to something I consider vile and disgusting. How else does one expect a heterosexual to feel? It is natural for straight people to feel repulsion...yuck!!!  Nonetheless,  I DO NOT HATE GAYS. And, I agree that this commercial is not going to increase any sales, albeit it was done in good taste. Because of all the uproar and all references to civil rights etc., we, as heterosexuals, are afraid to utter a syllable in our defence where the tables are turned and we are bashed for speaking out. We are all entitled to enjoy civil liberties....thus, I'm speaking out....with all due respect!

"It is natural for straight people to feel repulsion...yuck!!!  Nonetheless,  I DO NOT HATE GAYS."  

With all due respect Fatima, I find reading your opinion to be like BREATHING IN A GIANT "GARLIC FART" ON A HOT SUMMER DAY, WHILE TRAPPED IN A FUCKING YUGO.  Kisses.  

 And, if you're so repulsed why are you trolling a tay website?  Get your "juices" flowing, does it?  

I swear to God, I spell-checked.  FUCK!  

Just admit that your a homophobic person and deal with it. If it repulsed you to see a message saying that we all need love regardless of orientation, then yes your a hater. Grow up and realize that you are going to be faced with gay parents and persons. I am straight but my mom did not bible thump me into hate, she taught me to question everything and love everyone because one day it will make a difference... Enjoy your "repulsion" of the different family types that exist which is what the commercial was showing

lol, I just cannot understand why there is a debate about pandering going on here.. lol they are a corporation.. So OF COURSE they are in this to make money. BUT this company chose to do it with a positive message of love, which most do not.. The people poo-pooing this video for pandering need to get over themselves, examine their own lives to see if they inspire others to love rather than hate. How many people do you know willing to bring a message of love to as many people as this commercial has...

I don't understand some of you who have labeled this commercial as pandering, all about $$$$ etc.... First of all, it is about dollars! yes, That should be a given. I have yet to see a commercial that did not want dollars as a result of them spending millions in advertising. BUT, the difference is some big companies has not taken a step to go out of their comfort zone and branch out to a smaller group of minority (that a lot of people does not want to accept still...) Errr....  US!. Just because traditional families or should i say "straight families" are more viable to garnering positive result/revenue for everyone. It is safe and you don't have to be aggravated by the haters, the bigots, the  judgmental people  and most of the republicans! Kudos to Honey Maid for taking this risk! WE will surely support your products because YOU are not afraid to stand beside us!!!! 

P.S. By the way....I heard that Chick Fil A is the number one chicken beating KFC even if they had less stores and they are close on Sundays. What does that tell you?????? hmmmm....

I honestly find this whole pandering issue hilarious.. what do these people think commercials are for?? Honey Made is just a good company, doing good business.. Apparently without bigots - Wow.. But they do have a HUGE secret...  (shhh.. don't tell anyone) Minorities actually DO spend their money too... :) What a concept! lol    As for Chic Filet: never ate there and never will!  I am looking forward to seeing MORE commercials of this nature in the future! Viva La Revolution! :)

fuc loved it gay pride usa

Dear friend who may have had a bad experience with someone who is homosexual, and therefore, seemingly feels free to reject all same-gender loving people,

I can assure you that many women who are heterosexual have had multiple bad and/or violent experiences with men, but do not, then, reject all men.

I know you were offering that as a supposition, but perhaps you didn't think it through.  My aunt hates all brown people because she had one unpleasant experience with a Latina clerk in a store.

My ex-husband hated all Asians because he was stabbed with a bayonet by a North Korean soldier during the Korean War.

To reject a whole group because of a difficult experience is prejudice:  judging before investigation.

I was sexually abused at ages 8, 11, 13 and raped at 26.  I do not hate men, but I do love women and have finally been able to marry my partner of 20 years.

I do not find name calling helpful in solving any hurt.  Thank you for your thoughtful post.

Question....why is it, that if somebody isn't for homosexuality ( whatever their reason may be ), that all of the sudden they're homophobic, haters, intolerant, etc. Why can't people just be against homosexuality without being labeled such hateful words? Maybe some people have had bad experiences with homosexuals? I know of some people who've been turned off to the whole idea of homosexuality, only because when they tried to talk to members of the homosexual community ( be it bi/gay/straight supporter ) they had homosexual rights shoved in their face, as if it was the only way to think, ever.

Exactly. Just because you don't agree doesn't make you a hater.

How could ANY homosexual give a "bad experience"?  We're gay.

Thank you for making our world a better place. Love is, or should be all that matters, The happy face we see on these children should be all the confirmation we need that a family is a family regardless of Gender, color...To those haters out there...What are you doing to make this world better. NOTHING...I totally approve of this ad...Honey rock.

Well done Honey Maid!  Love this!

What a beautiful commercial!  It brought tears to my eyes.  I'm not a graham cracker fan but I will be eating more starting now!

Wow... those crying "pandering" clearly seem to just want to look for the worst in people. Anyone who has worked for a medium to large company knows damned well that something like this doesn't get greenlit easily. You can picture some evil CEO woke up one day and decided, "Hey! Let's pander to some homos today!" More likely a social media team (or perhaps ad team) wanted to do something like this, to associate the brand with something positive (and to work on something like this). Sold it through the org, got it approved. Ad was created. That's how these things happen. Good on them for doing it.

We call on companies to have a social conscience. We call on companies to treat us as equals. This company did just that, and I applaud them for it. Honestly, I hope more companies try to 1up the positive messages being put out. My god... what a horrible world that would be. 

If this is pandering to me, then, my gods, pander away. 

Way to go Honey Maid, what a great message. Thank You!

The beauty of success is the freedom you gain to take risks in advertising.  There's nothing disgusting about profiling families of all kinds. Our puritanical society probably would have scorned a divorced mom feeding her kids graham crackers in a commercial 50 years ago.  Exercise your right to reject the message that the brand is sending.  It's obvious that they don't really care what bigots think.  Dont buy the product.  I'm sure they'll do just fine without you. 

I thought it was nice AND I like Honey Maid. Of course the purpose of advertising is to drum up money but if I was going to spend money on this type of stuff, I'd feel better knowing I was supporting a company that supports me and all civil rights. I'd rather not spend a dime on companies that don't appreciate it because of discrimination. If they don't care for "my type" of support I don't care to give it to them!

This is a wonderful message for everyone, even those who would hate.  We are officially buying nothing but Honey Maid in the future.

Well done Honey Maid!  Your my new favorite cracker. 

I think the commercial was nice... but the response was better.

Well done Honey Maid! Best response ever!

Cute. But it seems really planned and contrived. 

I think so, too. I'd bet the response was filmed before they even released the commercial.  I also predict the package weight will drop from the current 14.4 oz (used to be 16oz) to 13 oz.

So do you.

Very touching and very True!  Well done!

some of you people are worse than the haters against the commercial.  LIGHT THE F* UP!  They could have easily pulled the commercial do to pressure but chose not to and sided with equality.


I love honeymaid. Thank you for your message. 

And now I need a need a tissue....darn racoon eyes!

Thank you, Honey Maid.

I LOVE it and Honeymaid! You guys are awesome!

Not that I'm going to run out and buy everything honeymaid because of the commercial, but I think this is the perfect "fuck the hate" response. So here's to a big "up your's" haters!!


I have to disagree. If this was about money, they could have just as easily made a "wholesome" commercial filled with "traditional" families that would have appealed to a much wider audience than this. Even most LGBT people came from "traditional" families, so I don't know many who would have felt marginalized by the simple representation of family sans political message, let alone enough so to boycott the brand. However, they chose to take a huge risk, one that I'm sure has resulted in the LOSS of a considerable portion of their conservative customer base. I think the consensus here is that no one is more or less likely to begin consuming more than their normal intake of graham crackers anytime soon because of this commercial. But the alternative here would have been much less damaging to their bottom line, while accomplishing the same goal. I commend them for standing out and taking such a risk.

Being pandered to beats being bashed.

I agree Mike.  It's not about "love" but about $$$.

Well, let's assume for a moment that this is entirely true (because, it is afterall advertising, and the point of advertising is to draw customers).  For them to run this ad, and it be "all about the money" would mean that in their estimates, they stand to gain more by "pandering" to a relatively small niche market, than they stand to lose in pig headed, bigoted, Neanderthals that are going to boycott them because of it.  Meaning that  as small as this niche market is that they are pandering too, you and Mike are part of an even less significant market segment.

It's advertising and the whole point of any company doing advertising is to increase sales by appealing to a broader market base.  Whether you consider it "pandering" or "money grabbing", it is a positive message that is inclusive of all family types not just "gay" relationships.  Why on earth would you hate on that?

On a side note, it's a great commercial and fantastic response to hate mail but I'm not all of a sudden going to increase my intake of graham crackers because of this.  :-)

Of course it's about money. That is the very nature of business. Every business is about money. But at least they are seeking out money in a way that is not only non discriminatory, but actually advancing a movement for equal rights and recognition. I don't know about you negative Nance's, but where I come from that's called a win/win.

They wouldn't be getting the press over a "traditional" commercial.  Any publicity is good publicity and they are getting 10 times the visibility from one commercial, plus the contrived response....

I completely agree. Honey Maid is a Nabisco product who was acquired by Kraft in the mid 1990's.  Huge corporation who I'm sure is losing business due to decrease in sales of processed foods.  

Well, I wish they weren't selling crap "food" and calling it "wholesome" but at least they don't mind making money from gay families as well as non-gay families.  

Trying not to cry....hard!

Awesome !  I am buying Honey Maid today :)

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