What's Your Instinct: Is This New Toshiba Ad "Homo-Queasy"?

Copyranter thinks so. 

The commercial, titled “Math Notes,” is one of three new not-that-funny “funny” ads via Toshiba Canada aiming directly at the college boy market. As David Gianatasio at AdFreak points out, the spots “gotcha” moment relies on what GLAAD has dubbed the “Homo-queasy” advertising linchpin. My first reaction was: ‘that ain’t funny.’ My second reaction was: ‘that ain’t right.’ Maybe I’m overreacting. Sherry Lyons, vice president of corporate and marketing communications at Toshiba of Canada, told AdFreak: “Toshiba would never intentionally set out to offend our customers. We do not feel that the ‘Math Notes’ video is offensive or cliché.”

The most offensive thing about the new spot, IMHO, is that the "joke" is so embarrassingly not funny that it's offensive to the viewer's intellect.

But what do you think, Instincters?

(h/t: Joe)



Maybe this implies that Toshiba users are hung like a ..... .

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