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What's Your Instinct? Target Gives $50,000 Donation To Group Supporting Anti-Gay Ken Cuccinelli

Updated Saturday, 9:35 am, PST

Target has responded to questions regarding its donation to the Republican Governor's Association and its alleged "indirect" donation to anti-gay Virginia gubernatorial candidate, Ken Cuccinelli. 

Molly Snyder of Target Communications says in a statement

"We also believe strongly in our civic responsibility to engage in a bipartisan manner at the state and federal level in order to learn about public policy priorities and advocate on issues that affect our business, such as fairness legislation," stated Snyder. "One of the ways we do this is through membership in both the Democratic and Republican Governors Associations, both of which include several hundred other corporate members. When paying for our memberships, we explicitly require that our dues not be used for any individual electoral campaigns or other electioneering efforts. It would therefore be wrong and inaccurate to associate our membership dues with any particular political candidate or campaign."

What do you think of their response, Instincters??


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Original Post

Hmm...Target has just been called out by Right Wing Watch for a $50,000 donation that the company gave to the Republican Governors Association. The RGA has subsequently spent nearly $3 million in support of virulently anti-gay Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli's gubernatorial campaign. Basically, Target's funds have indirectly funded a homophobe. 

Right Wing Watch acknowledges that Target also donated $50,000 to the Democratic Governors Association. 

So here lies the question: is Target guilty of supporting a homophobic candidate? Or are they actually remaining neutral by donating funds to both political parties?

What does this mean with regards to their stated support of the LGBT community? Target has yet to comment.

What's your Instinct?


They were trying to cover their asses by giving to both parties candidates.  Cucinelli and Fischer would probably have us in concentration camps if they could.  

Target made a real mistake here and I suspect they'll pay for it for a while.  Mind if I ask how Wal-Mart contributes?  How about Sears/K-Mart?

An aside is that if they didn't contribute to his campaign, some trouble could be found when they apply for further permits in Virginia, believe it.  

If Cucinelli is elected, I may have to decide whether I wish to remain in Virginia.  This state is already unfriendly enough to the LGBT community, we don't need to have sodomy laws again, and worse could be coming as well.

Why is target donating money to politicians anyway? Do all the stores do this?? That seems odd, does it not?

By "balanced" does Target mean that they think that candidates who are against equal LGBT rights should be supported by Target because that's in Target's best interest. I never stopped boycotting Target & I have no intention to stop now,

Target missed the target.  Simple as that.  They miss the point of how they manage their political monetary contributions.  Stop treating political candidates as if you were playing a card game.  What elected officials believe translates to votes, to the writing of legislation that impacts each & every one of us--long & short term.  Target (and other corporations) need to analyse their role in history making, and do so with a full sense of responsibility.  Take these things seriously.  The people you hurt are real.  The dangers that are being flirted with by supporting those with tunnel vision are real.  Target needs to live up to being a company that has emotional intelligence & integrity, and use their financial support to sustain politicians who share these qualities. 

Yes, Target's contribution was indirect, but that doesn't excuse them from responsibility for giving political contributions to an organization they knew would fund the campaigns of anti-gay politicians like Cuccinelli. Cuccinelli is the homophobic attorney general from Virginia with a  history of homophobic remarks. He actually advocates reinstating a "Crimes Against Nature Law" in the state to specifically target gays for arrest. Target will say, "we give to both sides" of the political spectrum, but they can also insist that the money they donate to these groups not be used to support anti-gay politicians.Target should be held accountable.

didnt this EXACT story happen last year or year before? surely target isnt dumb enough to do the same thing 2x w/o covering their bases first

Obviously they are.


Bad move by target. LGBT equality is basic human equality.  I think the company needs to go on record for being on the wrong side of history with this money

You forgot the word "again" at the end of that sentence.

In this case, because it was given to an umbrella org, I don't think you can point fingers and say they were supporting that asshole. And, like the article says, Target is probably just trying to stay balanced by giving to the Dems and Republicans.

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