What's Your Instinct: Who Should The Modern Celebrity AIDS Activist Be?


Out star of film and stage Cheyenne Jackson wants more from the Millennial generation. 

After the Outfest screening of The Battle of amfAR (Jackson himself is an amfAR ambassador), the gorgeous actor spoke disappointedly about youths disconnect with the persistent fight against HIV/AIDS. 

“It’s the arrogance of youth,” he said. “The lack of education, especially among the twenty-somethings, they don’t know their history and it pisses me off. I talk to these 22 or 23 years olds and there is so much rampant unsafe sex and they think, ‘Oh, I’ll take a pill’…Half of them don’t even know what Stonewall is and I just want to knock their heads together.”

“I’m baffled that some people don’t even know what amfAR is,” Jackson added. “I think we need this generation’s Elizabeth Taylor – someone beautiful and well spoken like Jennifer Lawrence.”

Why not Cheyenne Jackson? He fits those two qualities snuggly. 

But Cheyenne's right. We're in need and have big gorgeous diamond-studded shoes heels to fill. Who else might be this generation's Elizabeth Taylor, Instincters?

(Via Queerty)