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When Is It Okay To Separate From Your Best Friends?

When Is It Okay To Separate From Your Friends?

Birds Of A Feather Flock Together Until…

Take a moment and think about your best friends.

What’s your favorite memory with these people? Whether you’ve traveled abroad together, saw your favorite artist in concert, or had a wild sex-capade; your best friends are a part of your heart. Especially in the LGBTQ community, more often our best friends become our chosen families. The bond we have with our inner circle takes moments to build and doesn’t have an expiration date.

But, do all good things come to an end?

If you’re like me, I’m sure you’ve shared the struggles of maturing with your friends. Hell, you’ve grown up together! You’ve had a slew of poor choices and moments where none of you were fair with one another. However, you’ve stuck it out through the hard times. But, what if one of the people you’ve shared an endless amount of memories with isn’t the person you once knew?

Is there ever a time when deciding to separate from your lifelong friends becomes a good idea?

I’m not talking about that friend. You know, the one who has always had problems, creates drama, and is the easiest person to cut out of your life. I’m talking about your friends who may as well be a limb on your fabulous body. But, now they’ve become dead weight. Collectively, you’ve hit a wall. Your career paths are polar opposite, you don’t even appreciate the same television shows anymore, and you’d prefer to do completely different activities during the weekend.

When does the herd separate? Are you bound by chains to the friends you’ve became an adult with? As adults, we understand terms of living separate lives, but…what if we completely want to run solo with others we’ve met along our journey? Are we labeled a traitor or finally living up to our authentic selves?

Have you ever strayed from your usual cast of friends for others that matched with your more maturing life? Should you be feeling guilty by trying to move forward and away from your youth?

What’s your Instinct?