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Where Should The US Look For LGBT Equality Inspiration? To The Nordic Nations?

Is America the leader of the free world? Since the last election, many feel that title has lost its luster and may have moved on to another nation. Some are even saying Germany may welcome that trophy soon to its mantle.  With the recent positive vote on marriage equality and marriages as early as September, Germany is looking promising.

But where does America and where do Americans look for inspiration?  We drool over Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and how he runs his nation.  Why can't we have nice things like that?  But we're still better than them because we don't say sorry for everything.

We are a short sighted and self-centered nation, so to think others are doing better than we are is a hard concept to comprehend. 

As we look back on our LGBT history, Pride month, and remembering Stonewall, where should we be looking for our future? How about the Nordic nations?

While the term Scandinavia is commonly used for Denmark, Norway and Sweden, the term the Nordic countries is used unambiguously for Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Iceland.

Let's see what ambassadors from these nations to the US have to say.

How did these nations leap ahead of us?

Does size matter?

Can we learn from them?




Scandanavian countries, Canada are definitely way better than the US

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