Which Celeb Is Guaranteed To Help Cure Erectile Dysfunction?


We can go ahead and file this one under: "Um, What!?" Cutie Zach Braff is best known for his role on the long-running comedy Scrubs, and while the series was popular in America, it was wildly popular in the Ukraine and Russia, and Braff is still feeling the effects to this day! Interestingly, in an ad for men who can't feel anything.

Zach's likeness of his onscreen character J.D. is so popular that Russians often use it, unsanctioned, for ads, and a new one is for erectile dysfunction specifically! U.S.S.R. you kidding me? Braff was on hand to discuss the hilarious story on Jimmy Kimmel Live, where he elaborated:

Yeah, this keeps happening to me. I don't think they think anyone's going to walk down the street and be like 'Hey, copyright infringement!'



Kimmel explained the specific ad in question:

This has been translated for me, and it pretty much says like 'If you're penis isn't working, I'll help you. Call this number.'

He then quipped:

Are you at all worried that Robert Mueller will subpoena you to be a part of the investigation?

To which Braff hilariously responded:

Only if he needs help with his boner.

In the picture, J.D. can be seen in his full doctor getup along with all the information you need to make an informed decision about addressing ED, and you can hear all the deets in the funny interview. See, what could be untrustworthy about Russia?