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Which Hollywood Tot Is Most Excited About The Birth Of The Royal Prince?

Well now that the newest heir to the British throne has arrived--a no doubt strapping baby boy weighing in at 8 pounds and 6 ounces (still waiting to see if he arrived with red hair--Harry, you dog!)--we have to ask:

Who's MOST excited to about the birth of the newest Prince, besides his parents?

We've got a few contenders, but we'd love to hear yours:

1) Suri Cruise.  

She's never been happier. The idea that a baby born to Will and Kate would ultimately be the future QUEEN has kept the poor TomKitten up at night for MONTHS. Just check out Suri's Burn Book for evidence of that fact. Now the kitten-heeled tot has a prospective husband (albeit a much younger one) rather than a new rival. 

2) Blue Ivy Carter.

Like, Suri, the progeny of America's musical royalty (Bey and Jay-Z) was certainly keeping a close eye on the situation. After all, even Blue Ivy's diamond encrusted throne probably pales in comparison to the Crown jewels that Queen Elizabeth's prospective female heir was scheduled to inherit. No worries about that now. 

3) Harper Beckham.

As a fellow Brit, Harper may have had the most to lose and the most to gain. She's currently the British female toddler with the highest profile and she certainly would've been overshadowed with another diva entering into the mix. Now that's of no concern.  Let's not forget that her parents, David and Victoria attended the royal wedding. We're certain Mama Posh has already begun laying the groundwork for an "innocent" play date between Harper and the new male heir to the throne. Look for Harper to play the long game on this one. 

4) North West. 

The love child of Kim and Kanye has yet to make her public debut--and if Kate had popped out a girl, it's possible little Ms. West would have never seen the light of day--or least not the cover of a magazine. Look for North to be the yin to the Royal Prince's yang on the media circuit this year. Who knows, with both babies battling such intense media coverage at the same time, perhaps it'll be a bonding experience for them down the line?


And let's not forget, there are inevitably some young gay tots out there that are THRILLED with the news that there's a new male heir to the throne in their midst. We may not know who you are yet, boys--but we feel you!!

Who do you think is the most excited about the birth of the future King of England??