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Which LGBT Athlete Just Became The Face Of Adidas Neo?

Congratulations to British diver and Instinct fave Tom Daley!! 

​​The Olympic diver was just announced as the face of Adidas Neo!

Check out the video of Tom making the announcement!

We love seeing openly LGBT athletes bringing in these endorsement deals!

Good pick, Adidas!!



If you stop and think about it, Adidas selecting Tom Daley is a logical choice. He's a young athlete, has a certain charm and appeal, but he's also stylish. Chances are Adidas planned on using Daley for a while and the campaign was in the works long before he made his announcement. To me, what is remarkable is that Adidas went forth with their plans after he made his announcement. More than a few LGBT people have lost endorsements after coming out.

We also have to remember this campaign is for English audiences where Daley is a huge celebrity known not for just his athletic ability but his inner strength after his father's death and his common touch with his fans. I'm not certain if the campaign will be used with American audiences, so we see that in England, the whole of the person is more important than his/her sexuality. I think there are lessons to be learned here. I will also admit I am a  bit biassed. I had heard of Tom Daley by accident when his father died. I read a British newspaper that covered the story and how he was a rock for his family at the young age of 17. My father had a similar illness and it's a tough diagnosis for the patient and family.This was before I saw him in a Speedo and long before his announcement. He's a class act. He's also cute as hell, both by looks and mannerisms.

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