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Which Male Celeb Is Showing Off Their Bubble Butt On Instagram?

Well good morning to you! 

This ample apple bottom greeted our weary eyes this morning and it's just the thing to launch us into this Hump Day! 

Who blessed us with this pronounced look at their derriere?? 









It's Dallas star and crowd favorite, Josh Henderson!

Josh, an LGBT ally who's supported Straight But Not Narrow, posted the pic to Instagram, apparently in homage to Dumb and Dumber. 

He writes:

My best "Lloyd at the bar" pose in honor of one of my favorite movies of all time #DumdandDumber#cantwaitforthesequel #bubblebutt #JimCarrey#yeahimgoofy



Thanks, Josh!


(H/T: NNN via BoyCulture)



big fuckable butt, but so queeny attitude... I prefere men who stay manly, even if they are good bottom in sex !


Id rape that purdy boi! thing looks lethal.... but those lips... MUAH!

Nice butt! Let me at him!

It's a fake foam butt!!

Ivan, either you have a really lame sense of humor, or you are a complete idiot. 

Look at his thighs, dude. Obviously, the butt matches up with the thickness of his thighs. Don't be a hater.

That is a beautiful butt! Wow...

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