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The White House Decorates For The Holidays!

The White House Decorates For The Holidays!

It’s Definitely A White Christmas.

I’m trying my best to give someone, anyone in the current White House administration some credit. But, damnit, I can’t even get behind an interior decorator! Then I find out it’s Melania Trump’s duty as First Lady to celebrate the establishment. I’m a fallen Catholic, but I’ve been raised around the Christmas holiday until I moved out of my families’ home after high school. Even I know that the holiday season is supposed to be bright and cheery! Some mistletoe, garland, throw in a mix of colors – you can do whatever. Hell, my first year living on my own, a girlfriend and I made a Christmas tree out of construction paper and ornaments from my local dollar store! It doesn’t take much creativity for someone to be able to decorate for an appropriate holiday.

Enter: The circus that is The White House. Should we even be capitalizing the term anymore?

The White House Director of Communications, Stephanie Grisham, has posted photos of the extremely white, White House, holiday decorations. Or – are we now mandated to claim it to be Christmas? Since that is a huge focus of the current administration. Regardless, it’s tacky, ugly, and screams “we don’t care”. Let’s hope the administration is more focused on protecting our citizens and equality than these decorations. Ugh, they cannot get anything right! Check out some of the photos below:



What do you think of the White House holiday decorations?