Who Helped Elton John Unstick His Penis From A Zipper?

Elton John's latest appearance on the Graham Norton Show had us wearing button-flies all weekend long. During a University Challenge game show sketch, fellow guest Jeremy Paxman got to ask this question to the panel: “Who on the sofa once got their foreskin caught in a zip and was rescued by their grandmother?”

Elton raised his hand. "Me," he admitted with a slight blush. 

“It was then the biggest it’s ever been”, he joked while regaling the audience with the shiver-inducing story that his grandmother helped him out of. “It swelled up to the most enormous size and she had to get it in a bowl of hot water."

"She is the only person I trusted to do it, and since then it’s been a huge disappointment," he added with a laugh.

Skip to the 4:00 mark if you'd like to go directly to the zipper story:



(Via PinkNews)