Who Knew Gorton's Seafood Could Be this Tempting?

Gorton's Seafood has been one of the most popular frozen fish companies for almost two hundred years, even though the marketing for the product's model really hasn't changed for quite some time.

The model in question that they've used for several years now happens to be a guy who is usually older, bearded, with a yellow raincoat on.  Like below:

Handsome, of course... but now it looks like they are kicking things in a different gear by introducing some superbly hot muscular men to the mix who they are calling "Mer-Bros."  Clever.

They introduced a commercial earlier this year that features two of their "Mer-Bros" as sort of a half-man, half-mermaid combo, where the rippling abs section to them is the man part and what's below is the mermaid (a bit scared of what could be lurking underneath, but that's besides the point.)

They captioned the video, which has over 200,000 clicks, with this: "Meet the Mer-Bros. These two take their meal plan very seriously, which is why they count on the Gorton's Fisherman for real, easy protein that's quick to make on those double-session days. See why Gorton's is the only seafood trusted by those who know."

So will we be seeing these "Mer-Bros" the next time we are in the frozen section of our local supermarket?  Some of us won't be needing a coupon as an excuse to buy their product if this is their strategy moving forward,

Will the "Mer-Bros" get you to buy some of Gorton's products even more now?