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Whoops! Johnny Weir Filed For Divorce Months Ago, But Forgot To Tell His Husband

Now that's rough. Johnny Weir's husband Victor Voronov took to Twitter to inform the world that he was just as shocked as anyone to learn that his marriage was over. (Weir publicly announced that the marriage was over on Wednesday.)

Apparently Johnny filed for divorce months ago, but kept that little detail quiet from his husband...

We're sure the news is particularly surprising considering Voronov stood by Johnny's side in court earlier this month and asked that charges be dropped against Johnny for allegedly biting him

Think he would have been as supportive had he known his husband had already begun ending their marriage? 


I have a feeling Johnny waited this long because his manager felt it would be wise to wait until after the Olympics, as it might affect his credibility with NBC.

I assume that it would be difficult to be married to Johnny. However, before we get all feeling sorry for Victor, whoever he is, he had to know what he was getting into, and he may be an odd personality himself or since we can't judge, he could be the really nice guy he appears to be, we don't know. My guess is that Johnny is still a celebrity and he's be fine and Victor is adorable and now has a story to tell so he'll be fine too. They both look like the type who could be companions of rich older men who as long as they get what they want once in a while will buy them gifts and ignore dalliances.

its none of our business we have no idea what their marriage was like maybe Johnny is afraid of him. well as i said its best to ignore public brake ups we only feed the frenzy.   

Exactly. I ignore this as much as I ignore grammar mistakes. Their break up is their business. Now he can move on to a much better relationship.

What a pathetic, despicable, disgusting, move on Johnny's part. Remember darling...karma can be your greatest love or your biggest bitch. I am thoroughly disappointed! 

thats some bullshit right there how you gonna do that to the someone file for divorce and not tell them..what a pussy.....

If marry Victor!!

That is sad! I feel bad for Victor! The very least, Johnny could have been more of a stand up guy, and told Victor right away! Booooo to Johnny! :(

Bitch on ice

That's a shit move right there. I've never liked Johnny Weir. I always thought he was sleazy and grimy, and he proved me right.

Really ?  I feel bad for the husband - #blindside.

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