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Who's The Man In Cam Gigandet's Pants??

So who's the guy in Cam Gigandet's pants??

​ ​ ​

That would be Nick Thune! But not quite in the way that we've always hoped.


Cam Gigandet and Nick Thune have teamed up for Bad Johnson, a clear cinematic triumph in which Cam's "johnson" leaves his body and takes on human form--in the form of Nick Thune. 

All of the awards!!!

Bad Johnson is scheduled for limited release on May 2.

Until then, we can still dream.


(H/T: Attitude)


I am sooooo seeing this!!!! Love me some Cam Gigandet!!!

I fell instantly in love with him on burlesque. I don't even like blondes but man he is FINE!


I guess straight to video?

Can Razzie nominations be given even before a film is released?

Nope, but I guess it should be qualified to be nominated for Worst Poster

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