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Why Won't NBC's 'Constantine' Be Bisexual?

Those hoping to see some man-on-man action on NBC's upcoming adaptation of Constantine, the DC Comics character who is bisexual in the comic book series, may be out of luck. 

From Entertainment Weekly:

Will the broadcast TV version played by Matt Ryan this fall be bisexual like in the comics? When asked about this at the Television Critics Association’s semi-annual press tour Sunday, executive producer Daniel Cerone ran down the various editions of the character that have existed since the demon fighter was introduced in 1985 to suggest his sexuality is not a crucial aspect of the character (nearly all of the character’s relationships in the comics have been with women). “In those comic books, John Constantine aged in real time,” he said. “Within this tome of three decades [of comics] there might have been one or two issues where he’s seen getting out of bed with a man. So [maybe] 20 years from now? But there are no immediate plans.”

Surprised that Constantine will most likely be "straight" in the NBC series?


It has always got to be political, eh? "But they don't include it!" whinnnne . . . "One could address an important demographic blah blah blah." Crap - all of it, crap. It's a TV show, girls, get a grip.

That's good! At least he's straight because as a bisexual Constantine would only or mostly hook up with fag hags like Will & Grace.

The exec prod didn't say NO, ABSOLUTELY NOT. He said, not at this time. I haven't read the comics but if the character only hooks up with a dude every decade or so, then it's not an integral part of the story line. However, If the show becomes a hit over multiple years and they never mention it, then I'd be a bit more annoyed.

In a related note, I think Dr. Who does a great job of addressing his character's bi-sexuality. 

If they can't follow the history in the comics, then why evethatn do anythinga show about some character then make drastic changes? I know that I won't watch it.

It's important in the context that it would be an opportunity to address a group that is under-represented on television.  It doesn't have to specifically focus on the sexuality . . . just show it another part of the character. 

Bisexuality has often times been covered in entertainment. Will of Will & Grace was bi. Many gay celebs are actually bi: Neil Patrick Harris, Zachary Quinto, Rupert Everett, Elton John, George Michael, Wentworth Miller, Ricki Martin etc

All of those mentioned above are GAY! Not Bi. It's 2014, not 1997. All of those people have come WAY out of the closet

Just because a man has slept with women does not make him bi. More likely he is struggling with being gay and sleeping with women is part of that struggle. I'm not saying bisexual people don't exist but the people you listed are gay according to them.

I agree the bi aspect isnt important.  Im a gay man too

If "his sexuality is not a crucial aspect of the character" why make the conscious decision to change his? Hmmmmmmm?

He's not "gay", he's bisexual. Yes, there's a difference. If the show is great, his sex life is not important. Hell, I wouldn't mind seeing Matt Ryan in bed with another guy either, but there's no reason to pull the homophobia card just because the writers don't include it in the script. It's like making a fuss over a left handed character writing with his right hand. It's not THAT important. We're always fighting about people staying out of our own bedrooms; stay out of his! Watch the show. If it's a good script, watch it again. If not, change the channel.

Not surprised, and I don't mind that in the least.  If it didn't happen as frequently in the books as some had hoped/expected, there really isn't a need to push it forward if it's not a major part of who the character is.

Besides, there are enough randy vampires and line-pushing psychos on TV helping to further the image that we're a bunch of sex-driven pretty-boys with 9% bodyfat and no inhibitions about converting other men.

And that's coming from a gay guy.

YOU have 9% bodyfat? Well, YOU can convert ME


So... why doesn't he just roll out of bed with a man every once in a while, like in the comics? Simple. No one has to explain.

I've read the comics. He's almost never in bed with a guy. There's no need for him to be bi in the series. And I'm a gay man.

Not surprised in the least!  Mainstream Hollywood is still controlled by white men who continue to believe that the most profitable target audience are pre-adolescent to young adult man-children who think anything gay is "icky!"  This attitude keeps so many potential LGBT characters off the screen and so many LGBT performers in the closet. 

Welcome to the new normal of homophobia in the entertainment industry! 

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