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Wife Ends Up Dead After Catching Husband In Sex Act w/ Another Man


A Florida wife, Pamela Doster, is dead following a domestic dispute with her husband, Michael, that was allegedly triggered after she found him performing oral sex on another man

According to NBC News:

Deputies say Pamela Doster and her husband Michael Doster were at Passage Key last weekend when Pamela witnessed Michael having a sexual encounter with another man, leading to the dispute.

According to the affidavit, Pamela attempted to get onto a jet ski but her husband reached around, grabbed her by the hair, and pulled her into the water. She returned to the jet ski, and he pulled her off the same way again. In all, Pamela told deputies this happened four times.

The final time Pamela was pulled off, she hit her head against the jet ski.

Pamela then returned to sand bar, and soon Michael could not find her. Later in the night, he called 9-1-1 and rescue crews found her completely nude except for her life jacket. Passage Key is off the northern tip of Anna Maria Island and a beach that nudists are known to frequent.

Officials say both Pamela and Michael were intoxicated.

The affidavit says she had a bruise to the life side of her head and a bruise on her left bicep.

Michael Doster was charged with domestic battery and later bonded out.

Pamela was taken to a hospital and officials say she died on Wednesday.

Charges against Michael Doster have not been upgraded from domestic battery at this time.

Police are still looking for the man with whom Doster was performing the sex act, as he could be considered a witness in the case. 

Thoughts on this case, Instincters?


...or maybe it's just an unfortunate accident. What's with all the judging prior to having evidence? Poorly written article, true, and poor comments as well.

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And who from this site chose to place this story under the headline of "Hot!"?  That makes you look really really really bad.

Hot! clearly is referring to popular. god use your damn head.

Dear NBC News, you wait until the concluding sentence to tell me the woman is dead? Oh, and spell check may come in handy.


that poor woman it doesnt really matter if she new he was gay of course she didnt or she wouldnt be with him. also ppl like that should be in jail everyone knows he killed her and just came up with a diffrent story why dont they say what really happend he beat her ass to a point that was unrecoverable he should be in jail for a very long time with no bail. fuking pussy go fight a woman cus ur a fag what a loser

Poorly written article! Do people actually get paid to write like this? What has happened to writers? The writing of this article is indicative of the "dumbing down of America"

I just had the same thought after reading this and an article on an imprisoned female rapper. Is this only internet journalism or is this the direction all writing is headed in? 

Results of internalized homophobia.

Look at him, she married a gay man. 

She never knew he likes guys? That's a bit difficult to believe

He should be popular in prison.

There isnt enough information in this story. Why was she trying to get on a jet ski after finding her husband performing oral sex? Was he performing the act in the water? At which point did she give this information to police, after she went to the sand bar, before he called police later at night? What explaination did Michael give to police for his wife being intoxicated and naked? Was she unconscious at the time considering she died later at the hospital? Explain this to me like I'm a six year old...

He's white. It's Florida. Enough said.

Please someone make a movie about this case. It will be fucking awesome!! You could not make this shit up!! 

It will blow over.

Cause of death?

The story seems a little choppy.  Sounds like they had their dispute, it was reported, everyone was left to go their merry way...  THEN she turns up dead?

Hard to follow.  One thing for certain, though...  If husband killed wife shortly after she reported domestic violence, hubby ain't too bright.....

Things really suck for him.

This is not what I have come to expect from Instinct. You can do better.

They really can't, you know. They just lift stories from sites that lift stories from other sites that lift stories from actual news outlets. They're like Shaquille O'Neil copying Rob Dyrdeck's show copying Daniel Tosh. That's it! Instinct is the Shaq of gay journalism!! lol

I doubt that he would be a very good witness.

This story sounds a bit off...I guess she told these factual happenings while being taken to the hospital? Or when she got sober? On her death bed? Odd.

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