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Wife Puts Her Cheating Husband On Blast Via Newspaper Ad

Texas wife Timeshia Brown didn't bust the windows out her husband Patrick's car when she learned he was cheating AND had a gotten his mistress pregnant. She didn't carve her name into his leather seats either. (Thanks, Carrie!) 

Nope. Timeshia just took out an ad in the classified section of her local paper:

Bold and well played, Timeshia. Well played. 

According to The Daily Mail:

Relatives and work colleagues of a Shara Cormier who lives in Sabine County Texas declined to comment on the advertisement.

The Facebook page of Cormier reveals she is friends with a Patrick Brown who lives in the same town, but unfortunately there is no trace of the wronged woman, Timeshia.

Think you'd follow Timeshia's method of revenge, Instincters?


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