Will These High Tech Sex Dolls Replace Real Men In Our Hearts?

Will these male replicas eventually replace our lovers?

We’ve already shared a fun listicle about how a sex toy can be better than sex with a man, but that article was mostly meant as a joke. Though, that joke may have touched on a potential truth and future for toys taking over our sex lives.

New creations like the “Real Doll” are being made by the day and then being improved on and enhanced constantly.

Now, you can have a rechargeable, life-like male replica with bionic genitals, responses to commands, and a large battery. The charger bunny would be proud as you hump your way to happiness (as long as you can stand to pay the thousands that every custom real doll costs).

But will these dolls really give us the “ultimate pleasure” that they promise or will we always go back to wanting some human flesh to attach to (and hopefully a good personality to boot).

While it may be too early to know, this Vice video tries to find out for all of us.

Check out the video down below.