Will Zachary Quinto Be Naked On 'Girls'?!

Are we getting naked Zachary Quinto when he guests on season four of HBO's Girls!?

All signs point to yes based on Girls creator Lena Dunham's interview with E!'s Marc Malkin!

From E! Online

"I mean, it's Girls, so you can assume what you will," Dunham said on the Emmys red carpet when I asked about the possibility of the Star Trek hottie showing some skin. "I also want to see him naked—that's all you need to know for now."

"I can tell you nothing except that he is as amazing onscreen as he is off," Dunham said of Quinto. "He is so much fun to work with and the minute that camera is on he's an actor with such a gift and such a gift for comedy.

Don't tease us, Lena! 

We bet Zach is down for it and, ya know, fair is fair!!


Bitch, he ain't gay!!!

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*thumbs up*


Not bad at all. Rather hot

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