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Woman Fired From Nursery School After Refusing To Read Children Stories About Same-Sex Parents

Sarah Mbuyi, a Christian from Belgium who found work at a nursery school in the United Kingdom, is suing her former employer and claiming bigotry after she was fired for what seemingly amounts to being a homophobe. 

The Telegraph reports:

Miss Mbuyi, 30, who lives in north London, carries a Bible. She started work for Newpark Childcare, a London-based group of four nurseries, last April, before being taken on full-time in one of the schools in September.

The same month a lesbian worker also joined the nursery, in Shepherd’s Bush, west London. After discovering that Miss Mbuyi was Christian she repeatedly asked her about her beliefs, the tribunal will be told.
Miss Mbuyi, now working at another nursery, will claim her colleague sought to provoke her. In December the co-worker spent time in hospital having had an accident at work and Miss Mbuyi gave her a Bible on her return.


The following month, however, Miss Mbuyi, a Belgian national who came to Britain six years ago, says her colleague told her she had received abuse about her sexuality from religious people in the past.
During the discussion, Miss Mbuyi says she told the woman that “if I tell you that God is OK with that I am lying to you”.

At a disciplinary meeting, her employers accused Miss Mbuyi of “harassing” her co-worker, saying such behaviour amounted to “gross misconduct”. The co-worker could not be reached for comment.

Her employers inquired how she would feel if she was asked to read children’s storybooks featuring same-sex parents. She replied that she would not be able to read such books.

The Christian Legal Centre is fighting Mbuyi's case in court and claims her story is "an example" of the trend of religious fanatics being "robbed" of the ability to inflict their views upon public society. 

That's right, the anti-gay movement often demands that any teachers who express a pro-LGBT view be removed from their posts without question, but when it comes to a teacher whose extreme beliefs might actually harm children, it's an affront to human rights that the she was pink slipped. 


To each their own.

no one should have the ability to inflict their views on any one. People have their own views on things and most keep them to themselves. Why do the RELIGIOUS FANATICS be allowed to voice whatever they want but when someone who does not view their way gets shot down fast.

Here's a novel idea. Let's leave sexual orientation & religion out of education.

Lots of holes in this reporting.  

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