Woman Forced To Quit Her Job After Attending Gay Son's Wedding

Heartbreaking, that a mother would be forced to resign from her job, just for attending her own son's wedding.

Sadly, that's exactly what happened to Siddka, the former scretary general at the Organization of North American Shia Ithna-Asheri Muslim Communities (NASIMCO).

After attending the wedding for her son Ali, and his fiancé Paul, a petition was created to have Siddka from her post.

Stated the petition:

 “It is indisputable that the Secretary General took part in the same-sex wedding of her son. The wedding was celebrated openly and proudly, with #AliandPaul2017 hashtag on social media.

“This sin was not done in private, but rather was publicly celebrated and promoted."

Responding to the petition, the organization's official statement read:

NASIMCO strongly rejects recent allegations that suggest the organization condones and advocates for behaviour that is considered to be un-Islamic.
We strive to uphold and promote the values, ideals and practices of the Islamic Shia Ithna-Asheri faith. Any information to the contrary is false and misleading.

In regard to the specific matter highlighting the private life of a NASIMCO official, we assure all community members that we are looking into the issue quite seriously and will address it in an appropriate and timely manner.

In response, Siddika penned her own statement.

“Today as a Muslim and a devoted mother who has had the privilege to serve our community institutions, I am being forced to resign by NASIMCO for the sole reason that my son has married a man, which I would like to point out is legal in Canada.”

She continued:

“My stance today is not just as a devoted mother but as a human being who has painfully observed how the community has usurped the rights of God’s creation in the name of Islam and passed judgement.”

Although Siddika admits she was “shocked, devastated, and heartbroken” when her son came out to her, she's ultimately chosen to focus on loving her child, as any mother would. 

“How could I as a Mother discriminate against my own Son and if my God is so just, then how could I not take on this value of Justice and act on it. When I reflect back through mine and my Son’s journey I am convinced that his orientation is Nature and not Nurture.”

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why would she choose to be the SG of a muslim org if her values seem to differ, esp considering her son is gay (a sin to them). pick a side, lady! seems obvious to me that that job wouldn't work out....


I bet it's okay for straight parents to be proud and attend their child's wedding and nothing happens. 

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