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Woman Kicked Out Of Michigan Water Park Because She's Gay?

Jill Sweeney was simply trying to enjoy her bachelorette party at Michigan Adventure water park in Muskegon when she was kicked out ... apparently, for being a lesbian. 

"I had on men's bathing suit trunks, a sports bra -- clean, just put it on when we got there -- with no wires and a tank top," Sweeney said.

The water park's wardrobe policy says that visitors are subject to being asked to leave if they're not wearing "appropriate swimwear." Sweeney and her friends familiarized themselves with the policy beforehand so as not to ruin the bachelorette party. 

"We made sure before we left to check the policy, and it didn't say anything gender specific. You had to have on a swimsuit or something appropriate, nothing with words on it or profanity. No wires, no buttons, nothing metal, and I had none of that on," she said. 

"I feel like I was completely singled out. It was embarrassing. There were people yelling, 'What's going on?'"

"She goes, 'That's the rules. What do you want me to do about it?'" Sweeney added. "As we were talking, there were a couple people who were in street clothes, soaking wet, who had just come off the slide, and I said, 'Look right there. There's a couple of people,' and she said, 'They don't have anything to do with this. It's all about you.'"

We've asked Michigan Adventure for comment on the story but haven't yet received a reply. In the meantime, check out a local news report on Sweeney's story:


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I was singled out because I have photos of others that were fully clothed and soaking wet

This is a company owned and operated by Cedar Fair Entertainment, which is the same company that owns Cedar Point in Sandusky Ohio. Something about this story is lacking. Although, Michigan as a state definitely has its issues with equality the "Cedar" company has historically been accepting of the LGBT community. They even have a "Gay Day" at Cedar Point in Ohio. 

It would be greatly unfortunate if this was something that happened based on a company policy. I have more of a feeling this is something that happened because of a few idiot workers at this particular park on this day. 

Sure, wearing layers is the new definition of lesbian. :\

FIrst it's a man in a speedo being ousted because its inappropriate, now this?  I think water parks should be very specific in their rules, and less broad in their actions.

They can't because then the rules would state "no gays allowed".

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