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Wonder Woman, Lynda Carter, Supports Tomboy Who Was Kicked Out Of School

All other superheroes can stand down--Wonder Woman has spoken! 

Check out her message to Sunnie Kahle, the eight-year-old that was allegedly kicked out of her Christian school for not being "girly" enough.

Lynda Carter wrote on Facebook:

We hope Sunnie takes that message to heart!


(H/T: Joe.My.God.)


It's a crying shame that this little girl isn't allowed to be who she truly is just because she doesn't somehow "fit the mold" of what a little girl should be! Not everyone "fits the mold." And I think it's hypocritical of any Christian school or church to preach about God loving us just as we are while turning around and kicking a little girl out of school for being a tomboy. Shame on Christianity!

Lynda Carter is terrific.   I liked "Wonder Woman," and "Partners in Crime" with Loni Anderson.   She is always fun to watch.   Even her small parts in "Smallville" and "Sky High" were entertaining.

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