Woof... Literally! 5 Sexy Male Celebs Who Celebrate National Puppy Day!

March 23rd officially marks National Puppy Day, which in the gay community can mean a couple of different things (if you know what I'm saying), however this holiday is for the adorable puppies that we just love to cuddle with, kiss their wet noses, and enjoy them brightening our days with their rambunctiousness and straight up cuteness (still talking about DOGS here).

Several male celebrities, both gay and straight, unofficially celebrate National Puppy Day as they post several photos of them with their furry friends for their millions of followers to ogle over on social media.  Sometimes, we can't figure out who is cuter in the photo: the guy or the pup.  You be the judge, as we found five celebs and their puppies that are worth celebrating this adorable holiday wtih.

Take a look:

Gus Kenworthy


My dog Beemo (@beemopup) has an Instagram now! If you don't follow her that's fine but don't blame me when your life suddenly starts to spiral downward...

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Hugh Jackman

Scott Eastwood

Matt Bomer​

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson