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Is The World Ready For Gay Jeans That Go Rainbow After Some Use?

The search for the gay jeans is over. It wasn't geneticists who discovered the mysterious Holy Grail, but BetaBrand Clothing, which is crowd-funding "Gay Jeans" that "come out of the closet" after they're broken in. 

BetaBrand's Steven Wheeler explains how he came up with the idea:

"Early in life, I was not wildly unlike any of the other boys on the playground, but as time went by, I noticed things about me that set me apart from others. The same too for Gay Jeans; it takes time for them to uncover the things that make them unique.

"... the name (Gay Jeans) is a pun on the issue of science finding the “gay gene,” and the debate over whether or not being gay is a choice. For these jeans it isn’t a choice. Like me, they were born this way, and like me, they’ll come out in their own time.

"And finally, I love this project because no matter what else they are, Gay Jeans are no more or less a pair of jeans than I am more or less a human being. I'm a gay man, yes, but a man nonetheless."

The jeans, which cost $78 (with a percentage going to the San Francisco LGBT Center) start out as normal, fashionable jeans but following normal use and washings, "their indigo dye gradually fades away, revealing fabulously colorful yarns just waiting to come out.”

Head here for more info or to help crowdfund gay jeans. 

Would you wear these?

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I would happily wear them if they had styles for females as well and sizes to match. I would buy multiple pairs to give as gifts also

If they have my size and style.  My legs are far too big for 501s.

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