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World's Tallest Waterslide Unveils Terrifying Video Tour

"Verrukt," which translates into "insane" in German, is being touted as the world's tallest waterslide and already seared itself in our nightmares when its construction was announced back in November.

Now the Kansas City, Kansas based waterslide of terror, which you'll find at Schlitterbahn Kansas City Waterpark, has a virtual tour video that will inevitably find a way to haunt our dreams. 

17 stories high (taller than Brazil's 134.5 foot tall "Insano"). 264 steps to get to the top. 65 miles per hour speed. (And those seemingly low sides!!)


Those stairs. Nope. 


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I agree, sides are way too low it should be a tube or have higher sides. No F*^&*^g would they get me on that.

It is tube ride people. And I'm sure there will be plenty of safety measures. Some of y'all are so negative. Jeez

wonder how many broken bones and freshly cleaned out organs there are going to be after this ride opens 

Summit Plummet in Blizzard Beach Orlando Looks Higher Than This

Whats the height of this?

The official height has not yet been released, but 17 stories is somewhere between 165 and 180 feet.

I wish there are elevators to these type of rides.. It's like a workout just get up to the top and all you want was the thrill and fun..and usually you are already wet from other rides, so you would also be freezing too as you go through the breeze..

This is why Americans are fat. 

So, are you telling me that if you work on the seventeenth floor of a building, you're going to take the stairs?

I think the stairs are probably for emergency purposes.  I'm sure there is an elevator going up the center.

If you look at the construction, that is a structural tube, not an elevator.  And an elevator would have to extend above the platform to let people unload.  An elevator would be extremely inefficient to move a large number of people on a continual basis.  NO ELEVATOR.  You will have to walk up to ride this disaster of a ride.  I would hope they have custom designed tubes that minimize the aerodynamic lift.  Those sides are way too low.

BAHAHAHAHA very true

The wait time for the ride is going to be days. 

Sorry....I just saw footage of the slide in Brazil. There's a cover over the slide, not yet installed on this one. I guess it's a better promo seeing the slide like this...

Sorry....I just saw footage of the slide in Brazil. There's a cover over the slide, not yet installed on this one. I guess it's a better promo seeing the slide like this...

Why do brazilians talk so much shit..

Have it.

The one in Fortaleza, Brazil is 130+ feet tall, called Insano.

Not possible....Where's footage of the slide in Brazil being used??

I went on one in Kisseemee Florida...that just about tore my nutsack off...cover those puppies...or you will feel like you got hit by a line drive.

If your ass don't pucker up after the initial drop, then YES you will get an enema. My ass will be water tight like a frogs ass.

Not only would it give you and enema but also the wedgy of your life.  I would like to rename this slide the "shiiterbahn." 

I think the true translation of  "Verrukt" is "Shit your pants!" 

Say no to Drone cinematography!!!  

What makes you think this is a drone? Get some logic and intelligence lodged into your face before you spout out words you have no fucking idea about. A multicopter is not a drone you joke.

Just a guess, but it might be the drone you see in the shot at 1:12.

I don't see a drone at 1:12, although I do see a quadrocopter. God damn people are stupid...

Mate- the team that does this consists of: A well regarded camera operator, a well regarded film editor, and a well regarded pilot.

It's not 'drone' filming. It's allowing you to get angles you otherwise couldn't. Would you prefer them to rent a helicopter + waste money on gas, a pilot, and every other safety precaution?


I wonder how many test dummies this slide has killed

You will be shitting water for a week. Who needs enemas when you have this ride! Uughh no thanks!

This was not terrifying! Choose better adjectives!

Speak for yourself. I'm terrified of heights. 

I'm terrified of heights too, but the slide didn't look scary at all. I'd be more concerned about the stairs.

I can't wait to ride it!!!

It's in water. By the time you are going up the "hump", you'll be going slow enough not to fly off the track. It's a great additional thrill and a good way to further slow the tube/pontoon/raft.

notice the conveyer belt left of the slide to send up the "pontoons" - 4 passengers will be strapped into the pontoon for safety and avoid a most certain enema.

They should require rubber or plastic pants or another type device of to prevent a dangerous enema.  This is NOT A JOKE.       

wont the water be going/falling at the same speed as the rectum ergo no added pressure ?

rectum? Damn near killed 'em!

Slide is not in vacuum where all object has the same weigth. So no, water is not fall in the same speed as "rectum" :D

Gravity does not care how much you or your rectum weighs. Weight is completely irrelevant in the topic of how fast something falls. The water will be traveling downward at the same speed as the craft carrying four people, with maybe some slight differences due to variables such as friction and air resistance. This concept is one of the more basic one would learn in physics

Except the enema happens... at the bottom.. not while your falling... so all your scientific thoughts about gravity don't have anything to do with once your "rectum" gets to the bottom and your moving faster than the water is.

Think of it like free-climbing a mountain face. If you slip, it's not the fall that kills you, but the sudden stop at the bottom.

Can't you people just clamp down a sphincter? What's all this enema talk? Bunch a people with weak sphincters? Shrug. I'm pretty confident that would not be an issue.

What a boner

These rides usually are insanely built first in United States- which is a huge market for crazy people, fearless and not afraid of death. A great country to test this kind of thrill. 

cant wait to ride it!!!!!!!!!!!!! ive been waiting for something as awesome as this!!!!!!

Not an engineer but that second hill seems a bit tricky to stay  on the track.   I would cover certain areas for safety.  

Stairs are a good idea. No chance for the obese to get up there. My guess is lines will be short. 

Smart. That's exactly why they did that.

For lack of a better phrase....keep your mouth quiet and your ignorant comments to yourself.  I'm obese, and unless there was a weight restriction I was over, I would so do this ride....and guess what....obese doesn't mean out of shape.  I can do those stairs no problem!!!!!!!!!!!!   Must be nice to be you and be perfect with no flaws of your own so you can ridicule obese people.!


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