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Would The Brits Be Okay With A Gay Royal Baby??

We may have only just found out the Royal Prince's name (George Alexander Louis of Cambridge, if you haven't heard), but now we also know that the vast majority of British citizens will support their future King no matter what his sexual orientation may be. 

According to a poll by UK LGBT rights organization, Stonewall, 83% of British citizens would be fine with the heir to the throne being gay!

Edge On The Net reports:

A YouGov poll, which surveyed 2,074 adults, for Stonewall, a UK-based LGBT equality group, showed that an overwhelming majority of British people would be "very comfortable," "comfortable" or "neutral" if the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s unnamed baby was gay, lesbian or bisexual. The poll was conducted before the couple announced the sex of their child.

"Millions of people will be celebrating today’s news, just as millions last week celebrated the news of equal marriage in England and Wales," said Ben Summerskill, chief executive of Stonewall, on Tuesday, according to International Business Times. "Happily, since last week every child born in Britain is born into a society where gay people are now equal in law."


It's good to know that Little George will be getting lots of love from him fellow citizens no matter who he loves.

The Royal Prince now has carte blanche to be fabulous!


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The United Kingdom has already had 3 openly gay Kings. I'm sure their monarchy will survive. 

Well, I am pretty sure we can cross off Lesbian from that list.

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