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Would You Date A Guy Who Lives With His Ex?

So you meet a great guy and you hit it off. The connection’s immediate, the conversation flows freely, the sex is great—and then he drops a bombshell: he lives with his ex.

...His ex who he was in a relationship with for nine years. Nine. That’s basically a common law marriage.

So what could go wrong, right?

​That's the dating scenario that I actually found myself in--one that thankfully served as the inspiration for my new web series, Three's A Crowd.

Now to be clear, this is only *loosely* inspired by my own life. While my character, "Evan," decides to figuratively "swipe right" and give this budding relationship with his new paramour "Patrick" a go, I "swiped left" after a few dates. Full disclosure: it wasn't because of the ex. Sometimes things just aren't meant to be. However, the universe giving me my own Jennifer Aniston/Mindy Kaling sitcom moment certainly was, so why shouldn't art imitate my dating life? (And why not explore what could have been?)

Joining me on screen as the other sides of this awkward love triangle are the exceptionally talented Patrick Cohen (Patrick) and Kyle David Pierce (Brian). I should also mention that they’re both hot, but you’ll have ample opportunity to determine that for yourself. (Promises of ripped shirtless guys as click bait? Check.)

From unfinished business with an ex, to horrific double dates, to friendships that showcase that special shorthand that we all have with our BFFs, I think Three’s A Crowd has something that we can all identify with—and hopefully you’ll laugh a lot. (The hilarious Anisha Adusumilli and Jake Matthews round out the cast and manage to steal every scene they’re in!)

Check out all six episodes of season one, written and directed by me—Nigel Campbell—here! (Did I mention they’re super short? You can binge them all in 20 minutes. Call it a #NigelandChill. Or don’t call it that. Live your life.)


And if you want to be way ahead of the curve, stream Three’s A Crowd on REVRY, the first LGBT streaming platform delivering you “Queerated Entertainment.” (Available for download on iPhone, iPad, Android devices, Roku, Chromecast, and Apple TV!)

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