Would You Marry This Swedish Man To Escape Donald Trump?

It would be anti-Capitalist to criticize this, no?

A Swedish hunk has posted an eBay listing for “Swedish citizenship including marriage.”

The open-minded man says he’s open to marrying anyone, male or female, so long as they're into “long walks and Netflix and chill.”

30-year-old Gustav Hallén lives and works in Stockholm as a photographer, art director, and surf instructor. 

For a fee of $50,000 (!!!) Hallén said he is willing to marry Trump-fearing Americans. 

As for his physical attributes, Hallén states he is a 6-foot tall blond, in “overall good physical health and a fine specimen,” though he notes “some weather damages and minor eye problems.”


Unfortunately, due to a policy violation, eBay removed the listing.  

But Hallén told CNN it was a joke anyway, and merely “something fun for my friends to laugh at.”


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