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Would You Win At Sexy Charades?

WatchCut asked couples to act out sex positions based only on the names. This. Is. Sexy Charades!!!


That's one aspect of the WatchCut video inserted below. Do you know what "The Drill Bit" or "One Sausage Wrapped To Go" are when it comes to sexual positions.  I don't think they did either, but the attempts are hilarious.


The other part of the video, which is actually first, is basically asking how well do people know their sexual partners?  Do you know what they like, love, need in bed?  What is their favorite position? 


I remember making the mistake of "signaling" that I liked a certain activity or way someone was doing something in the bedroom, but soon after changed my mind. It started off well, but careened into the meh category quite quickly.  It's always good to talk about what goes on in the bedroom.  I smoothly said, "that's great, but do you know what I really like even better?"  Replace a meh with a wow!


So let's see how these Charades play out and see how well these partners know each others likes.



Would you have done better with the positions? 

Do you know what your partner likes the most in bed?

Do you fully know what you like as your mostest favoritestest position?

I think it's time to do some extensive research just to make sure.