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Wrestlers Use Kissing As New Tactic!

Wrestlers Use Kissing As New Tactic!

Pinning Someone Down Is Now Effortless!

Alright, I’m the first to admit that I do not get aroused by watching wrestling. Hell, I even try to avoid the gym as much as I possibly can! Thank goodness for a great metabolism! However, I do appreciate anyone who sets goals for their body and works at it for eye candy. Wrestlers, who are essentially disguised actors, are some of the beefiest of the bunch. It’s a little odd to me that wrestling, such an assumed masculine sport, has hunky guys tossing one another around and getting a little too close for comfort. It’s been years since I’ve caught an episode of WWE, or any sport for that matter. However, I’m pretty sure there may be a wrestling move I haven’t heard of before.

I wonder if this newest wrestling move is going to be featured in any upcoming video games? In a video posted to social media, two wrestlers are seen kissing one another on the lips in a form of, possibly distraction? They are repeat offenders with this move and it’s seriously quite confusing when you break it down. I’m not certain who the target audience is, but this definitely caught my attention!

Check out the Kissing Distraction Move below:



I don't understand why you dissociate close touching and even kissing between men from masculinity.

And the video is simply wrestlers using same sex kisses for comedy.

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