Wrestling May Be Our Favorite Sport: Caption This!!

Just because this made us laugh (among other things)...

Caption this!!

(H/T: Wicked Gay Blog


That's the style of wrestler here.However I love wrestling, pelf and power.Humatrope

Because a mind is terrible thing to waste!

This is what thurst looks like.

Just one lick and the treasure chest is mine!

Hunger games: ring of fire

Why have a caption when there is a whole song : "I want it all "by Karmin

And he goes for the rim.... oh wait this isn't basketball.

This is the best birthday present ever!

Damn it looks good enough to eat!

bring it

Thank goodness for these new crotch less uniforms.

wow thats just wow how ppl stero type these days just wow really



Swiggity Swooty

I'm coming for that booty!

Nom nom nom...

I knew this was set up!

Best game of Twister, ever!

It's butt munch time Miller!

great, really great.

Let me take a Hole pic..

Tastes like chicken

You have to lick it before you stick it ! Whoop there it is !

For the win! Lol

this represents everything I got into wrestling for in the first place

Thanks, but I'm trying to quit.

"Eat here or take away sir/"

Daaaaamn! Another tasty ass!

I'll have the poo poo platter!!!  

Can you hear me now?

Why is your asshole winking at me?

eat it and spank it like ya own me!!!

Go ahead and do it Bitch!  You promised me you would do it if I beat you in this match.

Eat my ass right now bitch!

Contrary to what Jason may have thought, no, it was not THAT dream where he made THAT FACE, in front of a crowd of people.

You gonna put it in or not??

Awwww, dude! Beans again?

Winner by submission!!

Winner by submission!!

Tongue, don't fail me now!!!

I haven't eaten for days. Which means I'm about to make you an all you can eat buffet.

Tyler couldn't remember how to do the Half Nelson with Twist, so he went with his most effective opponent-confusing technique: Perky Booty to the Face.

U can do it put your back into it

Im about to open you up like a bag of chips.

Ha!  Ok...this one was pretty funny!

Hahaha nice one!

"im going to enjoy this ... and you will too!!!"

Take It Brandon

Where is my ranch dressing so i can toss his salad!!

I can see you tonsils from here

Yeassssss !!!! I'm starrrrrving !!!!!!

His milkshake wasn't that good.  It only brought ONE boy to the yard.


Are you ready??, I'm gonna lick this UP and DOWN for days...YUMM!!

I don't usually top, so I'm not sure from which angle to approach... 

I've never done this before!! But ok you try. Go slow! 

You gotta lick it, before you stick it!

oh yea!

There's my Watch. I've been looking everywhere

Thanks for the mention guys, LOVE Instinct!

In Pride,

Wicked Gay Blog

Dam.. The crack of dawn !

Don't move. I'll go get you a towel.


Did you have corn for lunch? 

"wait, what's the safety word again?"

Damn, I've been waiting for this all day!!

Doesn't taste right...

you have a wicked camera eye,

Are you sure you park the car over here?

Count to three beforehand so I make sure I flip this around.

About dang time!!!

OMG. I hope no one notices my TONGUE ERECTION!

Bout' to lick dat ass!!! 

Are you in yet?

OMG I love bubble butts!!!

How did you know roses were my favorite?

I swear this is the first time ive bottomed.

They never should've let George Takei referee this meet.

It's time to mount up!

Dude! Are you sure you douched?

Yummy time

"No Homo Bro"

l'm going to lick that like it's never been licked before 

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