Wrestling Will Return To The Summer Olympics In 2020!

Good news, everyone: It's baaaaaaack!

Finally, the International Olympic Committee has done something right by bringing back Olympic wrestling after voting to remove it from the Summer Games earlier this year. 

The reversal comes after months of heated backlash from all across the globe, with both petitions and government bodies demanding the return of the classic sport. Wrestling received 49 votes (compared to 24 for baseball/softball and 22 for squash) in a battle of the three with the winner seeing a place in the Summer Games, beginning in 2020 at Tokyo. 

However, a revamped set of rules will "modernize" wrestling when we see it next (from Huffpo):

  • Changes to the rules that create more scoring and reward aggression
  • Greater involvement for women both on the mat and in the administration of the sport
  • New concepts for the marketing, promoting and branding of the sport
  • Dynamic changes in the presentation of the sport on television
  • The integration of social media and new technologies to promote wrestling and unify the international wrestling community

Excited to see wrestling's return to the Olympics, Instincters?