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Writer Denies Claims He & Philip Seymour Hoffman Were Lovers, Sues 'National Enquirer' Over Alleged Fake Interview

A bizarre story from The National Enquirer that made headlines today in the wake of actor Philip Seymour Hoffman's death has been refuted by the alleged source of the article, Hoffman's close friend David Bar Katz (pictured with Hoffman, above).

The National Enquirer claimed to have interviewed Bar Katz, who allegedly claimed to have been in a sexual relationship with Hoffman and also allegedly claimed to have seen Hoffman free-basing cocaine the night before his death.

We primarily thought the story was "bizarre" because even if it were true that Bar Katz and Hoffman were involved or had a sexual relationship, why would he run to that know bastion of truth The National Enquirer to share that news and Hoffman's alleged drug use mere days after his death?

Well, according to Bar Katz, the story isn't true and he didn't give an interview to The National Enquirer and now he's suing the tabloid for $50 million. ($5 million in damages and $45 million in punitive damages.)

From The New York Daily News

"I never said that, no," David Bar Katz said Wednesday after leaving the West Village apartment of Hoffman's longtime girlfriend, Mimi O'Donnell.

Katz's denial was followed by a lawsuit that called the story "a complete fabrication.”

“There was no interview,” Katz’s lawyer claimed in the suit. “Bar Katz and Hoffman were never lovers. Bar Katz did not see Hoffman freebasing cocaine the night before he died or at any other time. Bar Katz never saw Hoffman use heroin or cocaine.”

Katz’s lawyer, Judd Burstein, said “this article is just disgusting.”

“Here you have Phil's family and his friends grieving, and the Enquirer comes along seeking to make a buck through putrid lies,” Burstein said. “Worse still, it appears that the Enquirer sent out a press release hyping the story so that it could sell more copies of the magazine. I do not know how these people can sleep at night.”

As far as we're concerned Philip Seymour Hoffman's sexual orientation is non-issue. We'd just like to think that someone that's close to a high profile figure would have a little more class than to run to a supermarket tabloid to exploit the deceased.

We're hoping that Bar Katz's denial of the story and the interview proves to be true.

What do you think, Instincters?


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$50 million is ridiculous !! This is so American !! How about "I sue you for the profits of that one issue of the Enquirer to go to charity" ?! ...
Otherwise .. please can anybody say some bullshit about me ... so that I can get rich as well.

And please show some respect to Philip Seymour Hoffman's familie.
His sexuality, or anyones, shouldn't be an issue. He was a brilliant actor. And that is all that should matter to the outside world. His private life was HIS private life !!

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