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Wrong Thought: Someone Thinks Nyle DiMarco's Brother is His Boyfriend

One is straight, one is sexually fluid, but both... are brothers.  And that is exactly what America's Next Top Model and Dancing with the Stars winner Nyle DiMarco had to explain to a social media user who thought they were a "cute couple." 

Nyle posted a photo with his equally as handsome brother Nico (a well-known and respected DJ), back on St. Patrick's Day as they were celebrating the biggest Irish holiday in the world.



"KISS ME MY TWIN BROTHER IS IRISH!" was the caption (not a problem, Nyle).  One user evidently didn't know their history, and tweeted some kind words about them looking like a cute couple.



Nyle quickly shut that down by emphatically saying:



So, for future reference folks, these two are brothers.  Equally as handsome, but related. 



The saying is Kiss Me I'm Irish.. so for Nyle to say what he said would lead some to think otherwise.......had he added a comma it would have been clearer... Kiss me, my twin brother is Irish.

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